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Do's and Donts

1. Do not allow young children in the Hot Tub unsupervised.

2. Do not use the Hot Tub whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3. Do not have any electrical objects near the Hot Tub.

4. Do not use the Hot Tub if you have an infectious disease.

5. Do not allow animals near the Hot Tub.

6. Do not use Glass or sharp objects near the Hot Tub.

7. Do not sit on the sides of the Hot Tub.

8. Do not dive or jump in the Hot Tub.

9. Do not use the Hot Tub if pregnant.

10. Do not turn off the Hot Tub overnight.

11. Do not under any circumstance try to move the Hot tub once we have installed it.

12. Do clean the filters as instructed.

13. Do shower before entering the Hot tub.

14. Do not use the Hot tub after strenuous exercise.

15. Do not use the Hot Tub during thunderstorms and lightning.

1. Cardiff Hot Tub Hire will not be held responsible for any damage, injury or death as a result of misuse of our Hot Tubs. We will also not be held responsible for any damage by the Hot Tub to patios, lawns or decking or for any water damage elsewhere. It is your responsibility to ensure no damage occurs.

2. Any damage caused to the Hot tub will need to be paid for and failure to do this will result in legal action to recover it.

3. No more than 6 people are allowed in the Hot tub at any one time.

4. Limit the time spent in the Hot Tub as long exposure to hot temperatures can result in high body temperatures and can be hazardous to health.

5. Young children are recommended to use lower temperatures. Check with your doctor.

6. Consult with your doctor before using the Hot Tub, especially if you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, low or high blood pressure, had recent surgery, a condition needing medical treatment, if you are pregnant and for elderly or infants.

7. A demonstration of how to use the Hot Tub will be given on set up. You will be shown how to maintain the water. If you do not adhere to the instructions, and the water becomes dirty it can cause the heater pump to cut out. We will not be held responsible for this.

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